Camper Repair

Reliable RV Maintenance in Temple, TX

Make sure your RV is always ready to hit the open road with services from Pete’s Mobile RV Repair. We offer complete RV maintenance in Temple, TX, to take care of everything your RV or camper needs to run when you need it. Our technicians have the experience to meet all your maintenance needs.

We specialize in maintaining a variety of systems and areas of your recreational vehicle. Some of these include:

• HVAC Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Mechanical Systems

• Plumbing
• Engine and Transmission

• Brakes
• Roof

By maintaining these areas, your RV is sure to run all season with ease. Additionally, this maintenance ensures you get the full life from your travel trailer.

A Team of Professionals

While there is a lot of camper maintenance that can be done on your own, having a team of professionals handle it is the preferred choice. We have the experience to check out your systems and fix problems before they become serious. Our technicians are also trained and equipped to handle all the work and know what areas to service on your vehicle.

Improving Functionality and Efficiency

In addition to running longer, regular maintenance will also improve the functionality of your vehicle. By oiling motors, your slide outs will move easier and by flushing your tanks and plumbing your will enhance the quality of your water.

Additionally, RV maintenance will also improve your fuel economy. Cleaning your engine and replacing the fluids vastly enhances its functionality. This improved functionality leads to less fuel being used, meaning higher efficiency and fewer visits to the gas station. Reach out to our office to discover all the benefits that regular maintenance provides for your camper.

More than Maintenance

Even with regular maintenance, your RV may still face more serious problems. From damage to the roof to issues with the mechanical systems, there is a lot that can go wrong. If these problems happen to you, then we have your solution.

In addition to our excellent camper maintenance, we also handle mobile repairs and overhauls. This way no matter what problems you are facing with your trailer, we are able to take care of it. With all the services we offer for your RV, you will have no issues traveling around all season.

Contact us when you need maintenance services for your recreational vehicle. We proudly serve Temple, TX, and the surrounding areas.